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We are pleased you have visited the Nebraska Composers Alliance

web site and hope that this resource will be of benefit to you.

Our membership is diverse and ranges from the hobbyist to the career composer. We are proud to support active working composers and provide guidance for music educators in promoting music composition in their classrooms.

The Nebraska Composers Alliance is pleased to be an advocate for some of the finest composers and educators working today.

From this web site, you will be able to make connections with Nebraska Composers, learn about commissioning a piece of music, and connect to resources for integrating composition into school music programs.


Nolan E. Schmit


Our Mission

Nebraska Composers Alliance

A need was seen to create an alliance of Nebraska Composers. In meeting that need we have adopted the following mission:

1. To encourage Nebraska composers of all ages to produce new work and to promote the performance of the works.

a. To support and promote Nebraska composers and to develop a market for their music.

b. To encourage commissioning and performance of new works.

c. To link communities with composers and performers.

d. To help develop the next generation of composers, musicians, and music patrons.

2. To provide resources and guidance to schools on how

composition can be integrated into the school.


a. To encourage and support students in Kindergarten-College in composing and arranging music and sharing their work.

b. To provide guidance for teachers and students on concrete ways to provide compositional activities in the classroom.

c. To promote the use of technology in order to facilitate the compositional process and to reach students who do not participate in the traditional music programs in the


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