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Composition Resources



Composing Music-A New Approach- By William Russo

This book is intended to teach you how to compose music. If you already compose, it will make you more fluent and will help you to expand the ideas and skills you already have. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 60637 ISBN 0-226-73216-9


GarageBand Mechanics-By Dan Schmit

Thousands of classroom teachers and music educators have begun exploring music in a whole new way thanks to Apple’s GarageBand software. Now, there is a guide to GarageBand written especially for teachers. GarageBand Mechanics offers educators 130 pages of how-to’s, tips, and curriculum centered projects for learning and implementing GarageBand in their classroom. Whether you are a beginner or virtuoso, you will be able to create beautiful music in no time with GarageBand Mechanics.



The Composers Notebook – Hosted by Nolan Schmit

This podcast is a fun and informative educational tool designed to explore the process of composing music from inspiration to performance. Students will learn about the techniques of composing music, composers and history, technology tips and listen to interviews with todays working composers. You can find the podcast at:

Update: 4/20/15 – The audio files are currently unavailable.

The companion blog is located at:

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